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Editor, Various


Lead Editor, The Legacy of Black Wall St


Editor, The Seed Saver


Editor, The Real America


Co-Director/Editor, Inside the Incubator Kitchen

Pop-Up Magazine

Editor, Trumpland: Kill All Normies

Fusion Media Group

Lead Editor, Simone Giertz Project

Whalerock Industries

Editor, Freebasics Tanzania


Co Founder/Editor

Co-Pilot LLC

Editor, Food Forward


Editor and Camera Operator

Sony Music Entertainment




Assembly Editor, My Kitchen Rules

Seven Network Limited

Post-Production Coordinator, MythBusters

Beyond Productions

2nd Assistant Director, Deadly Women Series 4

Beyond Productions

Camera Assistant, Deadly Women Series 3

Beyond Productions

Joined the MasterClass team to work on incredible and insightful classes - Amanda Gorman, Michael Pollen and John Legend.


The Legacy Of Black Wall Street follows the rise of the 36-block economic hub in Oklahoma’s Greenwood district until its tragic destruction in 1921.


Kristyn Leach, a Korean-American farmer in California runs a seed saving program to grow various rare, heirloom seeds from Korea.

The Real America with Jorge Ramos team travels from Tijuana to Brownsville, TX to learn how Trump’s divisive rhetoric is affecting communities living along the border.

In partnership with Pop Up Magazine & Marriott Traveler this film highlights Binita “Bini” Pradhan, a Nepalese immigrant that got her start in the kitchens of La Cocina. 

Trumpland: Kill All Normies is a documentary exploring the origins of the alt-right and the various subcultures attributed to its modern-day rise. 

I lead edited this special project collaboration with Simone Giertz, Whalerock Industries and Co-Pilot. 


I edited one of two films set in Tanzania for the Free Basics by Facebook campaign. Free Basics provides useful internet services in areas that have less access.

Co-Pilot is a women-led production company specializing in creative work for broadcast, commercial and web.

Food Forward is a PBS series about people changing the state of how we eat and understand food in America. 

Sony Music Australia is a global music company with a roster that includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars. 

MEDIAIDEM is an independent image agency, specialising in creating still and moving images for a wide range of media, fashion and advertising clients.

I worked with Seven Network as an assembly editor during the audition phase in pre-production, structuring test shoots into the format of the show.

Emmy-nominated series MythBusters aims to uncover the truth behind popular myths and legends by mixing scientific method with creative experimentation.

Deadly Women is a factual program that focuses on female killers throughout the course of history. It is produced by Beyond Productions, for Investigation Discovery.

Deadly Women is a factual program that focuses on female killers throughout the course of history. I worked as a camera assistant to award-winning cinematographer Glenn Hanns. 

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