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Rose Kang is a Korean-Australian editor and visual storyteller based in San Francisco, California.

Rose tells stories of individuals with a particular interest in environmental and agricultural issues, social justice and the global representation of women - from the culinary arts, to science & technology.


With over ten years of experience in post-production, she has worked on Emmy-nominated show MythBusters and shows produced for Discovery  Channel, National Geographic, PBS, Fusion and OWN.

In 2014, Rose started Co-Pilot  with director/producer, Jacquelyn Marker. Co-Pilot is a LGBTQ women-led production company specializing in creative work for broadcast, commercial and web. 

Most recently, Rose edited The Legacy of Black Wall St. The 2-part documentary series tracks the rise of Black Wall Street in Oklahoma's Greenwood District, up until the 1921 Tulsa race massacre that destroyed the 36-block booming business epicenter. This commemorative documentary shifts the narrative from the massacre itself to amplify the voices of those Black pioneers then who went West to build their American dream.

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